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Halal Expo Dubai 2019 as the main specific occasion in the Middle East for Halal Industry which will be held for the 10th time. This occasion just spotlights on Halal Industries like Halal Cosmetics, Halal Tourism, Halal Beverages, Halal Pharmaceutical, Halal Lifestyle and significantly more. It is the focal point of fascination for Muslim purchasers, makers, exporters and furthermore the for the enterprises related in Halal Packaging and Halal Transportation.

Halal Expo allows you to meet 5,000 purchasers more than 50 countries. It helps you to understand more about halal market which helps you analyse SWOT i.e you're Strength, Weakness, opportunities and threats. This will help you to remain stable over the long haul. More finished gathering individuals up close and personal will help you to take in more about the exhibitors and their plans. You can even study about the diverse tied up with existing clients or make association with the new merchants and wholesalers. It can likewise demonstrate as practical approach to advance your new and existing item and administrations. Halal Industry is essentially settled on Islamic tenets and standards which are trailed by makers, purchasers and clients. Thus, partaking in such a Halal Expo can demonstrate worthwhile in the event that you are morally cognizant about religion conviction.

We can give you some key reasons why you should participate in Halal Expo- Dubai 2019. Have a look below:-

Gain access to the lucrative and growing MIDDLE EAST HALAL MARKET
Meet over 5,000 buyers from over 50 countries
To introduce new product to the world market
Connect with new dealers & distributors
Reinforce better ties with existing customers
Cost-effectively promote your products and services
Generate immediate sales and orders
Achieve better understanding of the regional markets
Secure alliances & joint ventures with leading suppliers in the industry


Trade Fair is business-to-consumer type of event. Companies gather not only to display and demonstrate their products and services, but also to sell and market them. Fair trades are open to everyone who are interested and can cover a few related businesses at the same time. It usually takes place over 3-5 days or sometimes even longer.
Halal Expo is considered largest consumer fair trade show in Dubai and Middle East regions dedicated in gathering together a community of social consumers, retailers and entrepreneurs who believe that business is not just about maximizing profit. Our goal is to encourage such businesses and make fair consumption according to the norm. At our Expo you can find businesses that are faithful to social justice, innovative business solutions, protecting environment and poverty reduction through fair trade practices.


Trade Show is an happening where different companies in a specific or related business gather to display and demonstrate their new products and services. In simple words, Trade Shows are business-to-business (B2B) type of business events; they are usually not open to the public and are doomed to be attended by company representatives, business officials and press. Usually Trade Shows are organized and sponsored by trade associations to provide a platform for specific business so that they can build good relationships with their related business professionals. Halal Expo Dubai holds trade show annually to provide Halal businesses to showcase their Halal products and Halal services.


FOOD TRADE SHOWS 2019 sorted out by Halal Expo will be an ideal stage for every one of the divisions,Institutes, Corporate identified with sustenance handling, segment to show their accomplishments andexercises. Quality Certification Agencies with such a dream are attempting to incorporate their businessand energize farming and unified areas to convey under one rooftop to exhibit their innovation andaccomplishments to target shoppers in the field of Halal products. We create sound rivalry in the makersto offer force to the business in a straightforward way. We are resolved to spread industry basedlearning through different media instruments like print media, gadgets media, online networking, cooperation, operators abroad, going by gatherings and gatherings, bargains and so forth.

    Focal points OF FOOD TRADE SHOW 2019:-
  • Dispatch the new items
  • Making new business endeavors and speculation openings
  • A stage for presenting new advances
  • Increment mark mindfulness
  • New Customers
  • Solid Customer Relation
  • Increment Turnover
  • More prominent Market Penetration
  • Amazing Company Introduction
  • Brilliant Platform Presentation
  • Item Introduction

We cover a thorough database of a variety of providers, makers, exporters and shippers identified with the sustenance, Food Processing ,Packaging refreshment and Hospitality ventures and in the field of dairy handling.

DUBAI FOOD SHOW gives a stage to the accompanying businesses to acquaint their items and administrations with the members.

Press Release
  • 'Halal Expo Dubai' to focus on the US$2.3 trillion global halal industry, including $1.4 trillion halal food and beverage sector

  • UAE's Dh522 billion Islamic Banking assets will boost the country's Halal sector

  • Halal Expo Dubai To Strengthen UAE Lead in Halal Industry Development

  • 'Halal Expo Dubai', 'Salaam Gateway' Join Hands To Attract Foreign Investment into Dubai

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From Tuesday, 22nd October 2019
To Wednesday, 23rd October 2019

Daily opening hours:
10:00 AM - 05:00 PM

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