Why Exhibit?

Halal Expo - Dubai is not only going to be the centre of attraction for all the Halal and Allied Industries in Middle East but will also attract a broad cross-section of representatives, from buyers and sellers, to trade associations and the media. Exploring in this Halal Expo will enable you to have access to over 4,000 Halal Industry Professionals over 40 different countries looking forward to buy your Halal industry supplies.

Some of this Halal Industry Professionals includes Halal Lifestyle, Halal Cosmetics, Halal Tourism, Halal Beverages and many more. These industries come under the Product categories which are divided in the three main division’s i.e
(i) Halal Food, Beverage and Equipment.
(ii) Halal Services
(iii) Other Halal Sectors.

The Halal Expo which is going to held on 18th and 19th September 2017 will consist of all the important key personnel from all these industries which are incharge of decision making and to whom you can face to face talk about the prospective Halal market. This kind of exposure can help you inform buyers, network, and above all, increase sales.

There are different reasons as to why exposure to Halal Expo-Dubai 2017 can help you in your business in all the different Halal industries.



  • Gain access to the lucrative and growing GLOBAL HALAL market
  • Meet over 8,000 buyers from over 48 countries
  • To introduce new product to the world market
  • Connect with new dealers & distributors
  • Reinforce better ties with existing customers
  • Cost-effectively promote your products and services
  • Generate immediate sales and orders
  • Achieve better understanding of the regional markets
  • Secure alliances & joint ventures with leading suppliers in the industry

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